CWL Vegas: Five things we learned from day one of Pool Play

CWL Vegas: Five things we learned from day one of Pool Play
Day one in every of Pool Play was as tight and high intensity as publicized , because the sixteen groups battled it bent on verify United Nations agency can have the superiority going into day 2.

Of course, most of the powerhouse groups expected to travel deep into the tournament showed up big-time, none additional thus than OpTic play, who went 
However, it is vital to recollect that Pool Play isn’t over, as four groups from the Open Bracket square measure set to affix every of the four Pools, and many upsets in day 2 might throw a wrench into everyone’s predictions.
That being aforesaid, here is everything we tend to learned concerning the groups taking part in at CWL Vegas when the primary day of Pool Play.
#1 – OpTic play square measure unstoppable  as ever
OpTic play came into CWL Vegas on the heels of 4 consecutive unconquered runs in major on-line tournament, during which they didn’t drop one series.

Still, several pessimists attributed their success to on-line Call of Duty and expressed their doubts concerning OpTic’s ability on LAN when a dismal WWII season.
Turns out OpTic square measure smart finally, as they went an ideal 3-0 in their Pool with a near-flawless 9-1 map count, dropping solely one S&D map in their third match against Splyce. 
#2 – what is wrong with Red Reserve?
One of the very best graded groups coming back into CWL Vegas, several expected Red Reserve to try to to very well within the 1st major tournament of the season.
However, everything that might have gone wrong for the Europeans, has, as losses to Evil Geniuses, brightness level play, and UYU have nearly warranted that they will be beginning within the Loser’s Bracket. 
Can Red Reserve regain and still build a deep run within the tournament, affirmative – they proved  that they might be intimate simply last season. however putt themselves during a huge hole isn’t a decent explore for a team that was imagined to challenge for 1st in their Pool. 
#3 – eUnited mean business
Most fans expected the eUnited would had best at CWL Vegas, however not several would have seen them start this hot and firing on all cylinders as they were day one in every of Pool Play.
They were ready to simply handle Mindfreak, Team Reciprocity, and a hundred Thieves, as well as a formidable 100-point club effort in their last match.

Sitting at 3-0 with a 9-2 map count, eUnited square measure nearly certain to end atop their Pool, and that they can look to use this momentum to lift some additional eyebrows within the Winner’s Bracket. 
#4 – Pool C is actually the cluster of Death
Prior to each major CWL event, fans wish to sense that Pool are the proverbial “Group of Death” in terms of tight competition between the groups.
So far, that is clearly established to be Pool C. the very fact that every one four groups square measure at intervals one game of every different and also the prime seeded team, FaZe Clan, square measure fourth simply goes to point out however equally matched these rosters square measure.
Pool C is additionally the sole cluster that doesn’t have a team with a map winning share of over hr or but thirty eighth, and also the distinction in map winning share between the primary and last team is 2 hundredth, lowest of all the Pools.
#5 – Str8 Rippin prove they belong
Speaking of Pool C, plenty has got to be aforesaid concerning Str8 Rippin, United Nations agency still prove doubters wrong with sturdy performance when sturdy performance.
Arguably the simplest team from the Pool Play Qualifiers, Str8 managed to beat the highest 2 seeded groups in Pool C – untune kin group and Envy – by a combined map count of 6-3, putt themselves during a smart position to be the sole Play-In team to advance to the Winner’s Bracket.
SpaceLy and co. still prove that they belong with the massive boys, which their sturdy begin to the season within the 2000 Series on-line tournaments was no fluke.

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