Earthquake, magnitude 4.4, rattles Tennessee, Georgia

Earthquake, magnitude 4.4, rattles Tennessee, Georgia
Residents in Tennessee associate degreed Georgia got a giant surprise Wednesday morning: the rumblings of an earthquake.

A magnitude four.4 earthquake was recorded by the U.S. earth science Survey at around 4:14 a.m. ET, with its epicentre close to Decatur, Tenn., that is roughly over a hundred and fifty miles from Nashville.


An microseism was felt regarding thirteen minutes later with a magnitude of three.3, aforementioned the USGS.


According to Atlanta television station WXIA, the earthquake was felt as way as northern Georgia.

Confused residents within the region took to social media, together with Twitter, to substantiate the earthquake. The hashtag #earthquake is among the highest trending searches on Twitter as of Wednesday morning.

Magnitude 4.4 Earthquake in Tennessee Felt in Atlanta Metro, Southeast

It was followed regarding twelve minutes later by a magnitude three.3 microseism.


According to the U.S. earth science Survey, light-weight shaking was determined over most of the Atlanta railroad line space, and variety of states from southern Alabama to South geographic region, North geographic region, and KY. 

There were no immediate reports of injury or injuries.

This quake was one amongst the strongest on record in east Tennessee, exceeded solely by a November thirty, 1973 close to Maryville, south of city that cause minor harm close to the epicentre.

A 2014 USGS study bumped a little of the ETSZ to the next risk of earthquakes, although not nearly as high because the New Spanish capital zone within the western a part of Tennessee and alternative adjacent states.

Though quakes stronger than M4.7 haven’t been recorded in recent times, a 2017 study within the Bulletin of the geophysics Society of America found proof of a M6 or stronger seism on the ETSZ inside the last twenty five,000 years.

Earthquakes within the central and japanese U.S. is felt over a locality over ten times larger than an identical magnitude quake within the West, per the USGS.

Several smaller earthquakes have rippled through Georgia in recent years, together with a one.9 magnitude in Walker County in August and a two.7 quake in Catoosa County in Gregorian calendar month, WSB-TV reportable. Last year, a 2.3 flustered the little community of Trion in Chatooga County.

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