As Trump holds out for border wall funding from Congress, GoFundMe raises nearly $5 million in 3 days

As Trump holds out for border wall funding from Congress, GoFundMe raises nearly $5 million in 3 days
  • A fundraiser to create a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border has raised nearly $5 million in 3 days on the web platform GoFundMe.
  • While building a wall on the southern border was one amongst President Donald Trump’s main campaign guarantees, his makes an attempt to secure funding have thus far been unsuccessful.
  • The fundraising page provides no clear indication of however precisely the donations are used.



A GoFundMe account to procure a wall at the U.S. North American nation border has garnered over $4.9 million in donations since it had been started 3 days agone.

Brian Kolfage, a 37-year-old disabled Everglade State veteran World Health Organization has appeared on Fox News, started the campaign to bolster President Trump’s efforts to create the wall. 


As of Th morning, the campaign has webby $4.865 million with donations from seventy nine,662 people. this goal is $1 billion however Kolfage aforesaid he’s operating with the donation web site to boost the limit.

Most of the donations area unit little – starting from $20 to $100.

Kolfage aforesaid there’s precedence for the govt acceptive giant donations from personal sources.


“A rich person given $7.5 million to fund 1/2 the obelisk repairs in 2012; this can be no totally different,” he said. “If the sixty three million folks that voted for Trump every pledge $80, we will build the wall. That equates to roughly $5 billion. notwithstanding we tend to get [*fr1], that’s [*fr1] the wall. we will try this.”


Congress and therefore the White House area unit presently in an exceedingly standoff over funding the wall, that is calculable to price some $12 billion to $20 billion. 

President Trump has reportedly vulnerable to veto a short defrayment deal that doesn’t embrace wall funding however would keep the govt open on the far side Fri.

While building a wall along the southern border was one of the president’s main campaign promises, his attempts to secure funding have so far been unsuccessful. 

Trump assured voters on the campaign trail that Mexico would pay for the wall, but he has since walked backed that assertion and looked toward Congress for funding.


Kolfage aforesaid he’s in-tuned with the Trump administration however failed to give extra details. 

All funds are control till legal aspects of the donation area unit puzzled out, he said, and cash are refunded if the campaign doesn’t return “significantly” on the brink of its goal.

Source: Reuters

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