What the Brexit failure reveals about our current morass

What the Brexit failure reveals about our current morass
Washington (CNN)On Tuesday night, British Prime Minister Theresa May’s plan to usher her country out of the European Union — a move forced by the Brexit vote of 2016 — was crushingly rejected in Parliament.

The decision left the British government in total chaos, with simply seventy-three days to travel before the country is meant to go away the EU. Critiques — of could, of the initial Brexit vote, of Parliament — were legion. Solutions were considerably a lot of scarce.

Sound the least bit familiar?

Look. Comparisons between 2 countries’ governments and relative political circumstances invariably got to be taken body fluid Grano sales. 

It’s too facile to mention that the failure of May’s Brexit set up and also the current US Government ending square measure even getting ready to an equivalent issue. So, to be clear: I’m not doing that.

But there’s, while not a question, an analogous seed in each these crises: The populace’s want for easy solutions to complicated issues.

Brexit was the results of considerations regarding, among alternative things, GB losing its own identity within the broader European continent and a way that the EU was merely not within the best economic interests of the country. 

Worries encompassing immigration and globalization were mixed in.

The solution appeared simple: A vote permitting GB to chop ties with the EU and request its own destiny.

Head across the lake to America, wherever in Gregorian calendar month 2016, presidential candidate Donald Trump compares his campaign to British movement, and later tweets “They can presently be business Pine Tree State mister. 

BREXIT!” pertaining to his prediction that he would upset Democrat Sir Edmund Hillary Clinton within the presidential race.

Throughout his campaign, Trump capitalized on considerations — notably among the Republican base — that criminal immigration isn’t solely undermining the rule of law however additionally dynamic the face of America in negative ways in which.

Trump’s wall captures the imagination as a result of, well, it’s straightforward. Walls work. They keep folks out. 

Neither simple answer has verified very easy. May’s makes an attempt to produce an executable exit supported the Brexit vote have not gained any momentum — and currently seem dead. 

Here within u.  s., we have a tendency to square measure within the twenty-fifth day of the longest government ending ever, as a result of Trump desires cash for the wall and Democrats in Congress refuse to produce it.

The Point: round-faced with Associate in a Nursing progressively complicated world, we have a tendency to tend to hunt out the best of solutions. 

Unfortunately, those straightforward solutions typically prove to be inadequate to alter the matter at hand — effort governments at a loss when they butt up against (or miss) must-not-miss deadlines.

Source: https://edition.cnn.com/2019/01/15/politics/brexit-donald-trump-theresa-may-government-shutdown/index.html

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