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Shop Apple IPhone Online | Buy I Phone @ Best Price |

Phone Design:

As always our Apple on His Excellency design, which gives you the first glance elegant feel, the phone did not differ from recycled materials on the 6S is made of aluminum. In the front of the phone we find in the top HEADSET calls, and from above we find the Proximity sensor and the left will find the front camera accurately 7 mega-pixel, either from the bottom will clean, but the presence of the Main Screen button touch became completely.


To the right we find the Open button the screen magnified phone chip port on the left, we find the volume control buttons above to make the silent phone button.
 The top of the phone there is nothing, either at the bottom of the phone after the cancellation of the headphone port 3.5 ms find shipper’s USB port, which the company has in this version also designate a speaker and the right and left of the port, where the external speakers, microphone and talk on the phone.
But from the rear, the rear camera will find 12 megapixel pixels on the left and beside it a special microphone for recording audio during video and flash photography will quad-LED.

The colors of gold, silver and gold phone pink, black, glossy black glossy Dark

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  • The phone screen:

4.7-inch screen phone comes from the IPS intensively Type LCD pixels 326 dpi and occupies approximately 65.6% of the area of the front of this screen is good, but not of the same quality as the other competing phones despite the high price of the phone, the screen is protected with a layer Ion-strengthened glass against shocks and the SCRAPE a great layer and provides very good protection for the phone .
  • Camera Phone:

12 megapixel camera comes to the  distinctive lens 1.8 several of the OIS sensor techniques which did not exist in the 6S Phone Help this Imaging sensor in the poor lighting and gives good photos as well as charge your credit cards sensor which gives the pictures of the earliest nature with clear colors free of interference, the company added property Focus Pixels which adjusts the faster autofocus and optical Zoom that enables you to enlarge the image without any loss in its details.
Your phone supports video camera 4k and 30 in the second picture as well as several situations in photography, such as the slow Photography Photography and sports you can shoot fast movements without interference in the commons camera is one of the most important features of the iPhone 7, where they work very well and come with images free of flaws.


 provided by Apple IPhone7 Phone A10 quad-core processor, the processor is currently the STRONGEST was announced as well as the phone company provided the graphical processor hexa-core gaming lovers
package contents: when opening the case find your iPhone 7, an automotive charger, USB cable, headphones, and switch port cover from the port as well as the shipper 3.5mm speakers user guide.

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