2 Suspects In Custody After Shooting At STEM School Highlands Ranch

2 Suspects In Custody After Shooting At STEM School Highlands Ranch

The douglas County sheriff aforesaid that shots were unemployed at STEM school Highlands Ranch. matters is “unstable,” per the sheriff, and also the school is in imprisonment.

Undersheriff Holly Nicholson-Kluth confirmed seven student injuries, presumably eight. there’s no word on fatalities.

Two suspects are in custody.

“They were caught by officers running into the college,” she said.

The lawman aforesaid a college resource officer and alternative officers saw a decision of shots unemployed at 1:53 p.m.

“As officers were incoming at the college they might still hear gunshots,” Nicholson-Kluth aforesaid. A sheriff’s department station is close and authorities responded quickly and effective.

She aforesaid matters started within the secondary school and was rumored by a college admin. STEM may be a public K-12 public school of over one,850 students.

The scene continues to be thought-about “active” because the lawman does not recognize if there’s a 3rd suspect or not. they do not believe there’s a 3rd suspect however SWAT groups still go room-to-room to clear the college.

Lines of firetrucks, ambulances and enforcement vehicles area unit at the scene, and medical helicopters have landed. The wounded are transported to space hospitals, Nicholson-Kluth aforesaid.

People ought to avoid the realm. the college is found at 8773 South Ridgeline Blvd., Highlands Ranch. 

oldsters of STEM school students are directed to Northridge Rec Center at 8800 South Broadway to select up their kids.

Nervous oldsters rush to Northridge Rec Center once it had been named because the uniting website, parking cars on the aspect of the road and jumping resolute run within. teams of faculty buses are dropping kids off at the rec center.

Fernando Montoya Delgado got a decision that his son, a senior at the college, had been shot thrice. He was told that his son would be OK, and he visited the rec center to attend for his daughter, a seventh critic.

“It’s trying and pretty arduous,” he said. “Nobody deserves this, despite World Health Organization you’re.”

This story are updated as details emerge.


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