Crystal Palace plan 160th anniversary celebrations and new crest despite FA snub over 1861 origin

Crystal Palace plan 160th anniversary celebrations and new crest despite FA snub over 1861 origin
Crystal Palace’s claim to be the oldest professional club alive is unlikely to be officially recognised by the Football Association,

 though the choice won’t prevent them from marking it themselves.

The Eagles published research by author Peter Manning on Tuesday proving an ownership link between an amateur Crystal Palace formed in 1861 and therefore the professional club, which dates back to 1905.

The side formed in 1861, which played its first game in March 1862, was made from cricketers who played within the grounds of the Crystal Palace,

 owned by the Crystal Palace Company, who took a controlling stake within the professional club once formed.

While the well-founded claims have raised an active and interesting debate, they’re impossible to ascertain Notts County, formed in 1862, dethroned as officially the oldest football club.

The FA, who were sent an early copy of Palace’s findings and a desirable 17-minute film outlining the club’s case, aren’t expected to recognise 1861 as Palace’s official founding year. 

The detail for the administration is that, while there could also be a link between the amateur side and therefore the professionals, 

the previous weren’t paid as footballers and didn’t compete in any official league, only playing friendlies and within the FA Cup.

However, while the FA might not officially recognise 19th century side as professional, Palace are already getting to mark the 160th 

anniversary of their formation in 2021, rather than their 116th, having discovered truth origin of the club.

Discussions over how best to celebrate the findings and therefore the anniversary have already begun, and will include a replacement badge from the 2021-22 season. 

The present club crest includes the date 1905 and will be updated to recognise the findings, 

though with next season’s kit about finalised, any change would likely need to wait until the season after.

“As a lifelong supporter of Crystal Palace, it’s amazing that we’ve a legitimate claim to be the oldest professional league club still alive ,” said Palace chairman Steve Parish.


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