New Gersy’s Vision On August 8, 2016, to publish news of interest to the Egyptian citizen, we are also interested in supporting talented Egyptian and Arab writers from young writers in an effort to enrich Arab cultural and political thought. 
As soon as the New Gersy was launched, the site resonated among talented young people seeking an opportunity to present the ideas in their minds to spread cultural and political awareness.
We follow the Worldwide news moment by moment with the help of a large number of Egyptian editors and journalists who are competent in the press and electronic work.
The role of New Gersy is not limited to this. We have special service sections for everything that the visitor is looking for, with the immediate follow-up of technical experts and correspondents in most of Egypt.
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The New Gersy is an integrated news site that deals with all topics and events in the world and provides reliable news sources. We try to provide smart solutions to facilitate the use of the Internet world and follow the news moment by moment and offer many services and topics that may facilitate what you see difficult.
What distinguishes us from all is the credibility and neutrality that is not affiliated with anyone or biased to anyone.
The site of the New Gersy includes many editors and journalists distinguished and equipped to formulate important news, urgent and usual as the site is interested in all areas of political, scientific, economic, cultural, sports and technical and receive news from all sources of official and government channels internationally approved moment by moment. 
Team Work of New Gersy
Editor 1
Mohamad El Shorafa
E-mail: shorafamohamad1@gmail.com
Mobil: 01068860903
Title: Toffah – Gaza – Palestine
Editor 2
Reema Ghifarri
E-mail: oudagh.467@gmail.com
Mobil: 01078860903
Title: Al-Bagour – Menoufia – Egypt
Editor 3
Randa Abdel Hamid
E-mail: randaabdelhamed@gmail.com
Mobil: 01034920903
Title: Al-Bagour – Menoufia – Egypt
Editor 4
Misk Mohamad
E-mail: Oudagh.472@gmail.com
Mobile: 009720595332004
Title: Palestine